Answers for you!

RHINO MOTORS only supply specialist retailers. A direct purchase is therefore unfortunately not possible. You can find the specialist dealer closest to you here.

You can find our RHINO MOTORS catalog online, click here.

We do not produce printed catalogs. At RHINO MOTORS our aim is to use nature’s resources sparingly and thus avoid the use of paper where possible. RHINO MOTORS thus actively contributes to water protection.

Do you have a question or a problem with one of our products? We very much regret that, despite our constant efforts to improve our products, you may have experienced a problem. But we will help you quickly and easily! To do this, please immediately contact the RHINO MOTORS dealer where you purchased the product. You can learn more about this here.

Our products can be obtained from specialist retailers and online retailers. You can find the specialist dealer closest to you here.

We don’t just buy our products off the shelf! We have an international team of designers and product developers working around the clock with factories around the world to always produce innovative, high quality fishing tackle.