Innovation & Tradition at RHINO Fishing

Rhino has been providing top quality boat fishing equipment for over 20 years. Reliable electric motors are the brand’s flagship products. High-quality materials and an ingenious design, in combination with sophisticated technology, make Rhino electric motors an extremely durable and reliable companion in all situations.

The Rhino Motors portfolio includes numerous series, ranging from the entry-level “Cobold” model for small nutshells to the high-tech bow motor with GPS control or the powerful BLX 110 for boats weighing up to 2 tonnes.

Just the right model for every type of boat and angler! And Rhino engineers are constantly working on the development of components. With the most advanced control technology, Rhino motors are always at the very highest level.

Rhino is a brand from Preston Innovations one of the largest and most established fishing tackle manufacturers in Europe. The company brings other global brands under one roof. 

Rhino motors are delivered to our dealers from the central warehouse in Belgium. Our service, which has been praised throughout the industry, is also carried out by the experienced staff at our headquarters.

The bottom line is that high innovation potential and optimum support for dealers make Rhino motors an optimal choice for anglers in Europe!